Islamische Hochschulvereinigung

There is a remarkable number of Muslim students and graduates which are willing to get involved and contribute in a better cooperation in this society. Unfortunately, they barely have a contact or even recognise each other due to the anonymity of the crowd. Through this centre, the direction will be clear and easy. We want to change this situation.

On September, 2010, a group of students of the Applied University of Munich (Hochschule München) established the IHV Munich. Meanwhile, we are a group of students and graduates from all the universities. Nevertheless, we need your competent help. Every pupil, student and graduates have the chance to contribute.

Our Motiviation

Seeking Allah’s pleasure is a key to Paradise

“And say (O Muhammad “peace be upon him”) “Do deeds! Allâh will see your deeds, and (so will) His Messenger and the believers. And you will be brought back to the All-Knower of the unseen and the seen. Then He will inform you of what you used to do.” (9:105)

  • Representing muslim student’s interests in the HM, LMU and TUM
  • Responding to  questions about Islamic topics in the universities
  • Contributing to building up bridges between cultures, religions and world views
  • Creating a network to support the career entry after graduation, social networking, etc.

If you are interested in contributing or you would like to visit our events, send us an E-mail on info@ihv-muenchen.net with you name and optionally your major.

We are looking forward to your contribution.


E-mail: info@ihv-muenchen.net
Internet:  ww.ihv-muenchen.net

Motivation and vision


  • Information providing through e.g. talks, presentation, etc.
  • City tour with Islamic impression
  • Training and workshops
  • Dialog events

Students and social engagement

  • Supporting new students in Munich to help them to quickly settle down in the city
  • Supporting the freshmen in their college
  • Assist pupils with their study orientation
  • Providing help with searching for a praying room, organisation of events, workshops, seminars and many more


  • Cooperation and partnership with committees of the universities and the city
  • Creating a social network for international students
  • Cooperation for the relevant and general questions about Islam

Guidelines and Principles

  • Politically independent
  • Religiously unaffiliated
  • Voluntary engagement
  • Following the socio-political and religious policy of the RAMSA